Outstanding SEO Technique of 2019 You Must Apply

Thursday 22 Nov 2018

Here is the Outstanding SEO Technique of 2019 You Must Apply to grow your website traffic and grow your business .

there is no need to introduce about SEO  in the era of 2019 . SEO is only the things that rank your website higher in search engine like google , bing , yaahoo and all top search engines . having a beautiful and useful website is always good , but if there is no rank in search engine , website is really useless ! yes , "without marketing, there is no website" . in the article , i'll explain all the things that is required to rank your website on top of the search engine . all the things that you need to do in 2019 is here . 

#1.optimize your website title

yes , title is still important  in 2019, so you must need to optimize  your title tag . here is the complete instruction how to optimize the title : 

  1.   title tag must contain the main keyword because it will be displayed in search result.
  2.   keep lenght of title tag 55 characters , don't make it too long , it should be readable in search result       

#2.optimize your meta description tag

meta description content is most important , keyword inside meta description tag is read by search engine . make meta description lenght must be minimum 165 characters. write meta description tag in your each page to help the search engine . meta description content describe the overall page content , so write meta description carefully , it must contain the main keyword of the page . it must match the keywords inside the title tag.

#3.optimize website heading tag  

must create one heading , website heading describe the overall all content heading . heading must be inside html tag . heading must contain the main keyword as in title and meta description .do not make more than one heading tag . search engine will be confuse and treat like spam , so create one heading and it must contain the main search keyword . 

#4.optimize web page  url

keep the web page url clean . clean url is easy to read by human . clean url is also easy remember . search engine love clean url . use .htaccess file to clean the website url . here is the best way to optimize SEO friendly url .

  1.  url should not contain special characters and space 
  2. url should not contain extention like .html , .php, .aspx, .jsp
  3. use dash(-) to separate the two words , do not give space and underscore(_)
  4. only use lowercase letter in url . do not combine the lower and uppercase , search engine will be confuse .
  5. to not make url too long 
  6. url must contain the main keyword from title and heading tag 

#5.use SSL

yes , let's the search engine  trust upon your website , use ssl   encrypt the website data traveling from user computer/mobile between server . you can also use free ssl provided by many organization . you can just for free ssl and use it with your website . 

#6.content , content and content

yes , there is old dialogue called "content is king ",   But in my point of view , "content is baap(father)"      any  website . so design the  beautiful awesome content the user will love and like to spend more time on your website .  try to keep busy to user in your website . 

#7.website loading speed 

according to google , user do not have patience . if your website take  much  loading tile , user will  jump to another website , user just want oye, yes abhi . avoid too much images , make images lightweight.

#8.create sitemap of your website

 yes , create the xml sitemap and submit to search engine . site map help the search engine in crawling the website links . you can also use online tools to generate the website xml page 

#9.submit your website links to search engine and use search console 

almost every search engine offer you to submit your website link so that search engine will know about the website  . sign-up in search console , search console will guide you better associated to your submitted web pages link . in search console , you can submit your newly created links and search engine will index your link.

 there are still more few points to care while doing SEO :

  1. add title attributes in link that will be displayed as title before user visit the link.
  2. use alt text in image that tells the search engine what actually image contains.
  3. avoid writing  inline css ,keep source code easy to read.
  4. avoid writing internal css.
  5. avoid writing too much java script inside page , instead of that , create external .js file and keep source code maintanable.
  6. use favicon that will be displayed in tab title, favicon shows your brand logo.
  7. create back links .
  8. do not copy pest contents from other source . make it unique